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FlexRadio Systems utilizes multiple support resources to provide Flexers (users of FlexRadios) fast and accurate answers to their questions and resolutions to their issues.

Based on the product being used, there may be different levels of support provided by the SDR software and from FlexRadio Systems directly.  Please see the FlexRadio Product Status web page for an updated listing describing the current levels of product support by radio.  

There are two basic venues to get support for your software defined radio; directly from FlexRadio Systems (official support) and from a variety of Internet based and user supported resources. 

Official FlexRadio Support.
When you purchase your software defined radio from FlexRadio Systems, you are entitled to free telephone and HelpDesk support from one of our FlexRadio support engineers.  Please submit a HelpDesk support ticket as the primary method of getting official FlexRadio Systems support as this will speed up the resolution time by already having a case or incident number assigned to your technical service request before calling Support.  Our Technical  Support Engineers can assist with a variety of initial setup and on going assistance with FlexRadio PowerSDR™ and any of our SDR transceivers. All FlexRadio hardware specific issues should always be directed to the FlexRadio Systems support team first for triage and referral to the Service and Repair department if it is warranted.
FlexRadio Support Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CT (-6 GMT)

Submit a Support Ticket request via the HelpDesk
Technical Support Phone Number: +1 (512) 535-4713 (menu option #2)

How to Submit a Request for Support via the HelpDesk
If you are a first time user of the FlexRadio HelpDesk, then you must create a login for yourself so that we can properly receive your correspondences via e-mail. Just click on the Sign Up link (http://helpdesk.flexradio.com/registration) in the top right hand corner of the page to get started.

When creating your HelpDesk account, please include your full name, a valid non-redirected e-mail address (alias e-mail accounts like callsign@arrl.net will not work), enter the security words in the appropriate box and then click on the Sign Me Up button. Once you complete creating your HelpDesk account, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you in order to validate your account. It is import that you reply back promptly so we can verify your e-mail account. Failure to do this will result in delays getting support from FlexRadio. 

If you are a previous user of the FlexRadio HelpDesk, just login using the Login link ( http://helpdesk.flexradio.com/login) at the top right hand corner of the FlexRadio HelpDesk web page before submitting your HelpDesk request for support.

As with any support request, please add an informative, but short description of your issue in the Subject line. Provide a more comprehensive description of your issue by providing a detailed description of what it is and the steps taken to create and/or reproduce the issue in the Description dialog box. The more detailed information you can initially provide the shorter the time to issue resolution or determining it is a software defect. Please do not list several different problems in one support ticket. This will result in the technical support engineer having to divide out the different issues into separate HelpDesk tickets, causing additional delays getting your initial issue addressed.

Once your FlexRadio HelpDesk ticket has been submitted, you will receive an incident or "case" number that is unique to your support request and it will be assigned to a support engineer who will contact you once they have taken ownership your support ticket.

FlexRadio Internet Based Support Resources
The place to start for all Internet based support information is the FlexRadio Knowledge Center.  The Knowledge Center is where you look to find FAQs, Expert Setups, troubleshooting tips, maintenance procedures and installation instructions along with other relevant resource material. Information is most easily found by doing simple phrase or "key word" searches.  For more information on how to best utilize the Knowledge Center, review the Knowledge Base article  How to Use the Knowledge Center - Introduction.  All of the information found in the Knowledge Center is marked as "public", therefore logging in to the Knowledge Center is not necessary.

There is also an extensive collection of FlexRadio PowerSDR application software,  presentation material,  hardware drivers, SDR hardware information, PDF versions of Knowledge Base articles and other downloadable resource materials located on the searchable Downloads page. For each file entry there is a short description of the file along with other pertinent information.  To facilitate finding the exact file you are looking for, all downloads are indexed by FlexRadio System product and categorized by content type so you can narrow your search criteria to a particular file or set of files.  To determine the best search criteria, click on the Search Help link in the Downloads search box.

User Supported and FlexRadio Provided Support Resources
In addition to our extensive Knowledge Base and Downloads web page the e-mail based Reflector and web-based Forums provide a way you can submit questions or provide comments directly to the Flex User community.  One of the greatest technical resources available are FlexRadio users themselves.  The Reflector is an e-mail mailing list where you can submit questions and comments and have them delivered to the thousands of FlexRadio users world wide instantly.  The Forum is a web-based application that allows you to organize and submit information by topic and establish "threads" as users answer questions in a sequential fashion.  Unlike the Reflector, you can easily search for items in the Forums using key word searches since the information is indexed stored in a relational database.

We always encourage feedback from our users, so we provided a way that you can suggest enhancements and bug reports for FlexRadio PowerSDR by using the HelpDesk to submit Feature Requests and qualify bug reports.  We strongly encourage you to use the HelpDesk rather than posting this information directly to the Reflector or Forums because your suggestion or dug report may not gt the attention it deserves.   

NOTE: Enhancement requests and bug reports posted only to the Reflector or Forums will not be addressed by the Product Management team.

and Non-Warranty Repairs:

Please see our FlexRadio Service and Repair page for details.

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